Long story short

Ten years ago we saw an opportunity to help small-to-medium sized organizations keep pace with the rapidly changing world of web development.

Since then, we’ve worked hard to develop bespoke, user-friendly, and high-performance websites for clients with understaffed internal tech resources and whose needs aren’t being served by off-the-shelf solutions.

A website isn’t a goal.

At least not in and of itself. Rather, a website is typically a means to achieving your larger organizational goals.

Your team performs its best when it can focus on it’s strengths.

Your strengths are your own; our strengths are keeping up with the pace of web technology and digital best practices.

Our mission is to help clients achieve their goals by applying what we know about websites and digital marketing and then getting out of their way.

20 SIM About

What the heck is a Simplicate?

It rhymes with complicate but means the opposite.

Simplicate means taking something complex and transforming it into something functional, elegant and easy to use.

We Simplicate websites


Steve Comrie


Steve has been building websites for clients large and small since 1996. He’s built websites and custom digital marketing platforms for companies such as IBM, Kraft, CIBC, Rogers, Vonage, Toronto Hydro, Molson and more.

Dan Simon

Creative Director

Dan is a well-travelled illustrator & designer who believes strongly in working hard and working smart. He’s worked on well known brands like Coca-Cola, Vonage, Colgate, Clorox, Campbell’s and Mac’s Convenience stores.

Tasha Bigham

Digital Marketing / Account Director

Tasha is the most creative member of our team, both in-front and away from a screen. She’s spent most of her career working on a wide range of digital and traditional marketing activities for CPG and event based companies.


Morale Officer, Work in Progress

Beta is a 6 year old purebred lapdog. She spends her days intermittently napping and protecting us from any animals that appear on our screens. She is as much of a work in progress as her name suggests

Andy 300x300
Andy Strote Principal, Context Creative

Working with Simplicate is always a pleasure.

Obvious experts in their field, Simplicate solves problems with elegant solutions and can then explain them in non-technical terms to everyone else.

Big added benefit: They works very smoothly with our clients and are a definite asset in any meeting or training session. When we encounter an IT problem, our answer is often let’s ask Simplicate.”


Simplicate is Bullfrog Powered!

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