Why should you trust us
with your website?

Excellent Question!

We think there’s a ton of great reasons why you should work with us, but we’re a little biased.

In the interest of keeping things moving along, here are our top 3.

Reason #1
Your website will last longer

Website redesigns are time consuming & costly.
Our sites are built for better mileage.

Plan for Growth

We work to anticipate how your needs might evolve and design a site that will grow with you.

Design for Durability

The internet doesn’t stop evolving after your site launches. We look ahead to avoid pot holes.

Don’t Cut Corners

The Mars Rover was meant to operate for 90 days. It lasted 14 years. It wasn’t because they took shortcuts.

Optimize for Editors

A difficult CMS doesn’t get used; content goes stale; sites die. Focusing on author experience prevents that.

20 SIM Why1 Last Longer
Postma 1
Dan Postma Vice President, Operations, Cardus

Simplicate is quietly building an unheard‑of reputation in the industry.

Web development that is both reliable and affordable. The team at Simplicate is particularly gifted at turning their clients’ rough-sketch visions into glossy, combat-ready web products. Responsive, personable, visionary: three reasons this company comes highly recommended.

Reason #2
Your website will perform better

Websites rarely perform well by accident.
It takes planning that starts on day one.

Focus on User Experience

No website can perform its best without careful consideration for how & why users interact with it.

Set Smart Goals

Having goals fosters a culture of incremental improvement. A site without goals is empty calories.

Always Be Testing

Usability, speed, accessibility, conversion optimization; Testing early and often avoids bottlenecks.

Integrate & Automate

Repetitive manual tasks and systems that don’t talk to each other cost valuable time and energy.

20 SIM Why2 Perform Better
Laura Curk Senior Marketing Manager, Hockeystick.co

Steve and his team are a group
of incredibly talented individuals.

Despite last-minute design changes and a short turnaround time, they were able to tackle our website and deliver exactly what we wanted with a cool head. His breadth of work experience provided us with an undeniable excellence in design execution and service.

Steve truly cared about our site and put in the time to deliver what we needed. Anyone who chooses to do business with Simplicate is making a good choice. They will deliver.

Reason #3
Stress reduction

Your job gets a lot easier if we’ve done our job right.

12 Month Warranty

No fault, no questions asked. If it’s broken we’ll fix it. We stand behind the things we build.

Recover Valuable Time

A website that’s working for you gives you more time to focus on longer term goals & strategy.

Budgets & Schedules?

We stay on em. It’s not a magic trick, we take the time to understand the job and plan appropriately.

Overly Honest Advice

We’ll talk ourselves out of a job if we think it’s in your best interest. We like work that makes sense for everyone.

20 SIM Why3 Stress Reduction
Chris Novais Founder, The Art Of

Without Simplicate we might
not be in business

They took the time to understand our objectives, walked us through the development and design process, provided cutting edge thinking on the ever-changing web landscape.

They delivered on time at a fraction of the cost that other agencies had quoted, and most importantly, understood the importance of implementing metrics that helped us monitor and grow our business.

So how do we do it?

Another great question!

We’ve got a well-oiled process based on two decades of experience building websites.

Read our process