Office Makeover

Steve Comrie
Simplicate office original

When we bought our office building back in 2013, it had lived a couple previous lives as bars and cafes. For the longest time we had a fully operational wet bar in the office. Luckily it wasn’t as bad for productivity as you might think.

After many years and after serving as the focal point for many Halloween, Christmas, New Years, and birthday parties it was finally time to retire the bar and get down to making some serious renos.

Here’s a collection of some of our favourite new office features.

New floors and paint

By far the single biggest quality of life improvement. Dan & Steve spent a weekend priming and painting and the new floors were installed the following week.

A photo of the new office wall (featuring a two-tone white and dark grey split) and new light grey hardwood flooring. A dog also appears in the corner.
Beta inspects the new floors to see if they meet her approval

Did someone say life sized lego?

The instant we learned about EverBlocks we knew we had to have them. Everblocks are a life sized lego-style plastic blocks that let you build interlocking wall, panels and even furniture.

We ordered a whole bunch to create some half-wall dividers around our desks. We’ve since decided that no office will ever be complete without life-sized lego.

Arcade cabinet upgrade

We’ve had the arcade cabinet for a while, but we decided it was time for it to get a controller upgrade so we could finally play Street Fighter II.

Arcade cabinet joystick and button construction
Steve putting together the hardware upgrade for the arcade cabinet controllers

Couch platform

Raised platform for a couch
Beta approves of the new location of the couch.


New meeting table

Courtesy of our friends at Bread&Butter Designs, our new office meeting table is an 8 foot length of reclaimed bowling alley lane from a local bowling alley that shut down last year.

Outdoor patio

Even though we did some work on the patio last year, Steve will never pass up an opportunity to show off the outdoor cedar patio table and fence he built from scratch.

It’s the perfect place to take a break during the summer and enjoy our new office BBQ.