Simplicate is Bullfrog Powered!

Steve Comrie
Bullfrog powered

Bullfrog Power is a Canadian green energy retailer that offers its customers power from renewable energy sources, such as wind, low-impact hydro and green natural gas.

Bullfrog only sources electricity from generation sources that meet or exceed the federal government’s Environmental Choice Program EcoLogo standard for renewable electricity.

Bullfrog’s goal is to replace all (or most) fossil fuel energy providers with sustainable alternatives, and it’s achieving that goal through grass-root funding from companies and individuals that are able to help pitch in a little more each month.

How’s it work?

Why’d we do it?

While digital technology has ushered in an age of less travel and less paper usage, the energy required to runs computers, servers and data centers is still significant.

We’re all on this planet together and making small responsible choices (within your means) is the least we can do to help ensure we can all enjoy sharing it together for a very long time to come.

We also offset our air travel emissions

Air travel is a wonderful benefit of modern life — but we all know it creates harmful emissions.

While we don’t travel often for business, when we do (and when we travel for pleasure – also infrequently), we take the extra step to mitigate travel emissions and lessen our environmental footprint by purchasing carbon offset credits from Less – also a Bullfrog company.

The cost to purchase offset credits on a round-trip flight for two from Toronto to Los Angeles is only an extra $42 per person – just a little more than the cost of an extra checked bag

It’s not exactly guilt-free flying for environmentalists, but it still helps.

Interested in becoming Bullfrog Powered?

When you sign-up to Bullfrog, you’re not switching Hydro providers, and you’re not installing any equipment on your property.

Instead you’re simply agreeing to pay Bullfrog a small amount each month based on the size of your home or business. Bullfrog then uses that money to generate enough green energy which it pumps back into the power-grid to offset your usage.

Anyone can sign-up. There’s no complicated contracts and it only takes about 5 minutes to register. You can learn more at the Bullfrog website.

You can sign-up as an individual or a business