Website design & digital marketing
2013 - 2016

The Gentlemen’s Expo had a simple mission statement: Bring everything a guy loves under one roof for a massive 3‑day event. In hindsight, maybe it wasn’t that simple. 

Cars, food, drinks, tools, games, clothes, sports, cigars, celebrities, the list was endless. They were going to need some help explaining their vision to consumers and convincing them that they needed to attend.

What we did

Logo + brand development

One of the first things we did was to redesign their logo.

The creators had developed a first draft using clip-art. We maintained the vintage feel they were targeting, but kept it more manageable and toned down the elements that were making it look busy.

Tge logo white

Website design

We developed all of the digital marketing materials for The Gentlemen’s Expo for the first 3 years of the show.

The website helped explain the concept of the show, and promote all the reasons why any gentlemen (or gentlewomen) might want to attend.

Digital marketing + conversion optimization

We designed contests, emails, social media campaigns, PPC campaigns, remarketing campaigns and way, way more. No stone was left unturned to advertise and promote the show

Customizable landing pages were created to targeted niche groups (i.e. foodies, sports fans, music fans, car fans, etc) to promote only the event features and special guests that would be of the most interest to them.

Landing pages and ticket pages were optimized with A/B testing.

Campaign creators pype C Ea Je ZY unsplash


3 years worth of print and digital advertising including:

  • display, search, & cpc ads
  • newspaper & magazine
  • out-of-home

We were especially fond of our Gentlemen’s Tips” infographic series that ran on subways and streetcars.

Ttc ad 3
Print ad
Print ad 2
Ttc ads 1 1
Banners 1 1

Email marketing

Over the course of 3 years, we developed countless emails for various purposes. Sales email, sponsorship emails, partner emails, launch party invitations, you name it, we designed it.

We even built a system that allowed our client to easily prepare emails on their own that they could share with sponsorship partners who would send it to their lists on our behalf.

Email 2

Sales and sponsorship collateral

We were also responsible for developing a number of 4 and 10 page print brochures that were used to pitch sponsors and vendors to participate in the show.

The sales decks contained consumer data from previous show and the plans for the expansions and new segments the show was going to push, such as sports simulators and more video games.

Sales book 1

Following up

Working on The Gentlemen’s Expo for 3 consecutive years was some of the most rewarding and exhausting time we’ve spent as a company.

Following the 2015 show, The Gentlemen’s Expo was sold to another company who decided to manage the marketing in-house using their own team. We were sad to see them go, but happy to have been a part of their launch and growth.

Luca del Rosso
Luca del Rosso VP, Corporate Partnerships, Intelivents

The team at Simplicate has been our secret weapon for many years.

If I thought this testimonial might result in them getting too busy to work on our projects, I would have thought twice before providing it. Simplicate is simply too valuable an asset to risk losing.