Website & Digital Marketing
January – May 2018

In early 2018, a new business and leadership conference series was gearing up to launch their innaugural event in Toronto.

Their keynote speaker was the controversial former director of the FBI, James Comey. We had less than 4 months to launch the site, build an audience, and sell tickets. The clock was ticking.

What we did

Brand Identity + Website + Marketing Assets

We worked with Leaders & Icons to build their brand image, including logo, colour palette and design themes.

Digital marketing blitz

In addition to the website, we also ran point on a number of digital marketing activities.

We designed display banners and managed the PPC advertising campaign through Google Remarketing as well as on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

We also ran the social media campaign in a two month blitz leading up to the event. The plan also included on-site, live social media management on the day of the event to help interact with the audience.

Finally, we also designed a number of emails that were used to market to various lists.

Since the event was new and we did not have a house list that we could send to, the emails were designed to be sent by partners and sponsors on behalf of Leaders & Icons.

Each email was customized to include discount codes relevant to the partner company that was sending the email.

Luca del Rosso
Luca del Rosso VP, Corporate Partnerships, Intelivents

The team at Simplicate has been our secret weapon for many years.

If I thought this testimonial might result in them getting too busy to work on our projects, I would have thought twice before providing it. Simplicate is simply too valuable an asset to risk losing.

By the numbers

Despite a short lead-time and an extraordinarily politically divisive featured speaker (serisouly, you should have seen some of the Facebook comments!), the ROI on the marketing spend was quite good.

  • 175,000 social media impressions
  • 40,000 unique site visitors
  • 1 sold-out event

Project recap

The event went off without a hitch to a packed house and was covered by multiple media outlets, including The Toronto Star, Toronto Life, and CTV News.

Everyone in attendance came away with a new found appreciation for the stresses of high-pressure leadership and how to deal with them. Several