Website redesign
Completed June 2018

Flow Ventures is a consulting firm that specializes in helping companies get government tax credits for performing scientific research and development (SR&ED).

However, beyond that, they also had an incredible track record of using the information they’d learned during the SR&ED process to help those companies achieve growth through a number of other strategies, partnerships and connections. That added value is what made Flow uniquely valuable as a SR&ED partner.

The only problem was they were having trouble clearly articulating their value proposition through their website. Big problem. Easy fix.

How we tackled it

Website redesign

We incorporated imagery that was inline with their branding and the industries in-which their clients tended to work.

based design

We implemented an easy to use component based design system which allowed content editors easily create new pages that stayed within their site design guidelines.

Content strategy

We proposed a new navigation and structure for all the content pages that gave more prominence to their unique set of skills and differentiating factors that made them stand out.


The new site was an immediate improvement over the previous site and their site visitors seemed to notice.

  • +27% page views
  • +46% pages per session
  • 2x average session duration
  • +35% qualified leads per month