Brand overhaul & Website redesign
2009 - 2020

One of Canada’s leading live events producers, The Art of Productions present innovative conferences, seminars and live programs for business professionals and leaders.

Attracting an audience of over 20,000 attendees annually, they run several high profile events each year on a variety of key business topics including marketing, management, leadership and sales.

The challenge

The Art of Productions was rapidly growing and their goal of running a larger number of conferences with greater variety in venues across the country was being impeded by manual order processing and localized marketing efforts.

How we solved it

Website design & event microsites

We revamped their primary site to include their complete magazine archive of articles written by guest speakers, book reviews and video clips of presentations.

The individual conference microsites also received a redesign to streamline how information was presented to potential attendees.

Brand refresh

For their 10 year anniversary, The Art Of felt it was time to refresh their brand image and logo.

We designed a new logo for the parent company and applied that logo across all of their individual event brands using an event specific colour palette.

Logo 1 1
Logo 2 1

Print-at-home ticketing

We also completely revamped their manual ticketing system with a printable PDF e‑ticket that scans with onsite bar code scanning software.

The new system has saved the company substantial time and effort that was previously spent on ticket printing, mailing, and on-site management.

In-place and mostly unchanged since 2010, the ticketing system has saved tens of thousands of dollars in processing fees per year.

Conference 3

Digital marketing

We implemented a wide range of measurement and tracking tools consisting of unique promo codes, referral tracking and checkout conversion optimization.

All data is fed into the SalesForce CRM and Google Analytics in order to track and assess the success rate of online and offline sales streams and to help get a better understand of their customer profile.

We also assisted in developing email template, banner ads, and implemented Google Remarketing campaigns for individual events.

By the numbers

Since working with the Simplicate, Art of Productions saw the conversion rate increase by nearly 150 per cent over the course of their first conference season with the event microsites websites.

Improvements to the ticketing system resulted in a significantly better experience at the event for all attendees and reduced labour time and costs for The Art of.

The average transaction increased by $75, and the elimination of manual ticket management tasks resulted in a time savings of nearly 200 man-hours per year.

Chris Novais Founder, The Art Of

Without Simplicate we might
not be in business

They took the time to understand our objectives, walked us through the development and design process, provided cutting edge thinking on the ever-changing web landscape.

They delivered on time at a fraction of the cost that other agencies had quoted, and most importantly, understood the importance of implementing metrics that helped us monitor and grow our business.

Following up

We’ve had a relationship with The Art Of team since 2009 and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. We’ve rebuilt their website twice, their conference sites twice, and we’re about to start working with them again to revamp their site as they launch into some exciting new markets.