Mobile LED Truck Advertising
Completed September 2016

Wild On Media specializes in providing digital LED trucks to clients for advertising campaigns requiring interactive mobile billboards.

Their Réno-Dépôt client was opening two new stores in Québec and wanted to use the trucks to announce them – but there was a twist (there’s always a twist).

The client wanted the trucks to display a real time arrow that pointed towards the direction of the store, along with the distance in km, as the trucks drove around town.

How we solved it

Research & Strategize

Nothing off-the-shelf that could make this happen.

This was such a fun project to work on. At first, we didn’t even think it could be done given the tools we had at our disposal. However, after a little time spent on R&D (which literally included driving around in our car with a laptop), we came up with a solution that worked.

Rd feature combined

The technical details

We connected the trucks to a GPS monitoring service and then wrote an application that would track each truck’s movement in relation to the store and update the arrows independently on both sides of the truck once every 5 seconds.

The combination of the GPS devices and the wireless internet access in the trucks allowed us to develop an autonomous system that took the truck’s speed, travelling direction and distance from the stores into account. The short refresh time made sure that the signage stayed up to date even while turning.

George Christidis President, Wild On Media

Clients often come to us with wild ideas and we hate telling them something can’t be done.

On two occasions now, Simplicate was able to invent creative ways to transform our clients’ pie-in-the-sky marketing campaign fantasies into functioning realities.

I’d recommend giving Steve and his team a call anytime you can’t quite figure out a solution to your web related problems.