Website design & development
Completed June 2020

The Canadian Venture Captial and Private Equity Association (CVCA) is a business member association that advocates on behalf of companies involved in the Canadian private capital industry.

We’d been working with the CVCA for a number of years handling several of their microsites, so we were already familiar with what they do.

The challenge

One of the biggest issues the CVCA had with their previous website was that while it contained a significant amount of important information, it was also extremely difficult to navigate, with disjointed messaging and to top it all off, was painfully slow to load.

They needed a website that would help them drive new membership and in order to do that, it needed to do a better job of portraying them as a professional organization capable of advocating on behalf of their existing members.

How we solved it

UX + Information Architecture

Everything about this site needed to be redesigned from the ground up, including site design, information architecture, user experience and coding.

The content was so poorly organized that even members of their own team had trouble knowing where to look for things which made it difficult to keep all of their information up to date.

Through a number of strategy sessions and workshops were were able to settle on a design style and information architecture that was a better fit for their needs.

IMG 20200407 141651553

Website Redesign

With an extreme focus on user experience, the new site is packed with information and features, all organized in a logical and easy to navigate format.

Feature Highlights

  • Interactive map
  • Searchable events calendar
  • External member database synchronization
  • Industry job board
  • Public + password protected video libraries
  • Quarterly market report archive
  • Integration with their external news source
  • AODA& WCAG compliance

New Content Management Tools

For the content management system we went with Craft CMS. Craft lets the CVCA team to edit all of their own content – even for the most complicated of layouts and designs.

The new CMS is organized into several user friendly sections that allow the team to manage page content, reports, videos, job postings, events and more. Various user permission levels allow different team members with the appropriate access levels to update only the content they’re responsible for.

Cvca craft 1
Cvca craft 3
Cvca craft 2

What our client had to say…

Jon Jackson
Jon Jackson Head of Communications, CVCA

We were able to count on Simplicate to deliver on our expectations and produce a superior product.

Simplicate conducted a comprehensive audit of all our digital properties. They identified our needs, listened to our wants, and developed a coherent strategy that addressed all of our issues and satisfied our requirements; all while never losing focus of the end user experience.

The ease of communication is something we particularly appreciated. The team often fully understands the requirements immediately after the first communication, will problem solve on the fly, and provide expert guidance.