Touchscreen Kiosk + Live Inventory Search
Completed March 2019
Icon Digital (Partner)

Audi of Ottawa was searching for an interactive touchscreen kiosk on the dealership floor that would let customers learn about the latest models.

Additionally customers could perform a live-inventory search for all new & pre-owned cars available at each of the 3 local Audi dealerships.

What we did

Touchscreen UI development

We created a standalone microsite that ran exclusively on the touch screen kiosks installed by our partner agency.

The kiosks were deployed into two dealership locations in Ottawa as a pilot project. The interactive website allowed customers to explore information and interactive details about new Audi Q5 and Q8 models.

Audi 1
Audi 3
Audi 2

Touchscreen interface sample

Live inventory management

The kiosks also allowed customers to browse the inventory available on the lot for both new and pre-owned vehicles.

The search interface was touch scrollable and fully searchable by various pre-set options such as colour, engine size, price, etc.

The inventory was automatically updated nightly by import from an external inventory management tool.

Audi inventory 3
Audi inventory 1
Audi inventory 2
Chris smith
Chris Smith Creative Director, Icon Digital

Simplicate is one of the best development
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And it’s for one simple reason — they’ll never sacrifice design for ease of their own workload. If Steve doesn’t already know how to make something beautiful and engaging work, he’ll often have a solution in a miraculous turn around time. The kicker is he often makes it work better than originally concepted. He runs a development business with design at its heart.