Please feed & water your new website

Congrats on the launch of your new website. You invested a ton of time, effort, and money bringing it to life.

Much like a new car or garden, it’s important that you keep it well maintained. You’ll also want to make sure it stays current with the shifting priorities and requirements of your organization. 

We offer several monthly maintenance and support packages to help keep your digital projects running smoothly for years after your launch.

What’s included?

All of our monthly support packages include

Offsite Backups

Regular back-ups, stored offsite from your hosting company to make disaster recovery a breeze.

Security Updates

Staying current with CMS& plugin updates is a vital part of regular site maintenance.

Free Licence Renewals

We cover the cost of annual licence renewals for your Craft CMS and any plugins used to run your site.¹

Performance Monitoring

247 uptime and performance monitoring with automatic emails triggers if anything goes wrong.

Audit + Spot Testing

Periodically reviewing your site in new browsers and devices, and re-testing all forms and functionality.

Dedicated Support Time

Never worry about extra charges for small changes or long delays for email support requests.

A cartoon drawing of Simplicate team members monitoring a website launch

Package options

Basic Support


  • Monthly CMS& 3rd-party plugins security patches & updates
  • Weekly off-site backups (website & database)
  • Annual renewal of CMS& plugin licence free of charge¹
  • Uptime monitoring & alerts via email
  • Website load speed & performance monitoring
  • Annual site audit & form re-testing
  • Coverage for one website / domain
  • Guaranteed response to non-urgent requests within 48 hours
  • 30 minutes of support time per month

Priority Support


  • Includes everything in Basic Support
  • Coverage across up to 3 websites / domains
  • Guaranteed response to non-urgent requests within 24 hours
  • Emergency support outside regular business hours
  • 2 hours of dedicated support time per month

Dedicated Support


  • Includes everything in Basic Support
  • Coverage across up to 5 websites / domains
  • Disaster recovery plan development
  • Guaranteed response to non-urgent requests within 24 hours
  • Emergency support outside regular business hours
  • 5 hours of dedicated support time per month

Pay annually & save

Receive two free months when pre-paying for a full year of website maintenance and support coverage.

Pay by invoice or cheque

Payment by invoice/​cheque is only available for annual subscriptions. Month-to-month coverage is available by credit card only.

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Dan Postma Vice President, Operations, Cardus

Simplicate is quietly building an unheard‑of reputation in the industry.

Web development that is both reliable and affordable. The team at Simplicate is particularly gifted at turning their clients’ rough-sketch visions into glossy, combat-ready web products. Responsive, personable, visionary: three reasons this company comes highly recommended.

¹ All our plans include free license renewals for one Craft CMS site (plus supporting plugins). If we’re managing multiple sites under a Priority” or Dedicated” support plan, annual licences for any additional sites after the first will be charged extra.