Case Study: The Art Of Productions


One of Canada’s leading live events producers, The Art of Productions present innovative conferences, seminars and live programs for business professionals and leaders.  Attracting an audience of over 20,000 attendees annually, they run several high profile events each year on a variety of key business topics including marketing, management, leadership and sales.


  • The Art of Productions was rapidly growing and their goal of running a larger number of conferences with greater variety in venues across the country was being impeded by manual order processing and localized marketing efforts. 

  • The current system of distributing tickets involved the entire office shutting down for two days as everyone addressed, stuffed and mailed envelopes. After the mailing, all new sales had to be held via a ‘Will Call’ window on the day of the event resulting in long lines for late buyers.

  • The Art of Productions needed a way to market their various events across the country which would remain informative and consistent but was also easy to update and set up in advance of the next event.

  • The ability to track and measure where ticket sales were coming from across multiple channels of communication (phone, email, radio, web banners, etc.) was imperative in helping the company understand which methods were working best for them.


  • Simplicate built professional and interactive websites for each individual conference that included all the information a potential attendee might want and more; reviews of past events, video samples of featured speakers and testimonials from past conference attendees.  Each highly-polished site design maintained the professional focus of the brand and improved the consistency across events. This also helped streamline the content collection and asset creation for each site and decreased the time it took to get to market.

  • The manual ticketing system was completely replaced with a printable PDF e-ticket that scans with onsite bar code scanning software. This has saved the company substantial costs that were previously spent on ticket printing, mailing and labour costs.  

  • A custom Content Management System was developed with tools that allow for quick additions and amendments to event details, speakers' bios, testimonials, sponsor logos, past event details and FAQs – all saving administrative and programming time.

  • Simplicate implemented a wide range of measurement and tracking tools consisting of unique promo codes, referral tracking and checkout conversion optimization. All of this information was then fed into the SalesForce CRM where all sales staff had access to the findings. Collectively, these improvements gave The Art of Productions the ability to track and assess the success rate of online and offline sales streams and helped them understand who their best customers were.


Since working with the Art of Productions, our refinements to their sites have seen the conversion rate increase by nearly 150 per cent over the course of their 2010 / 2011 conference season. 

The third conference that was managed through the new system was so successful it sold out early and had to be moved to a larger venue to accommodate all the attendees. Improvements to the ticketing system resulted in a significantly better experience at the event for all attendees and reduced labour time and costs for The Art of Productions. We are currently revamping their primary site to enable all the resources contained in the separate conference sites, articles written by guest speakers, book reviews and video clips of presentations to be more easily accessible.  

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