New Site Launch: Ontario Trails

Project Summary

Ontario Trails needed their site moved from a proprietary, end-of-life, Cold Fusion content management system to a system that would allow them greater flexibility to edit and manage their content of 2,000+ walking, hiking and biking trails in Ontario.

We moved Ontario Trails to a completely new, open-source, customized content management platform and completed the entire project in less than 2 months.

What the Client had to Say ...

Patrick Connor C.A.E. View Linked In Profile
Executive Director, Ontario Trails Council

Steve has a knowledge of web platforms that allowed him to expertly customize a content management system to fit our needs.

We'd had other "tailored solutions" before, but his deft application in response to our needs has made our web CMS nimble, easy to manage, and his work allows us to accomplish more per unit of time. Steve is Smart-fficient!

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